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About Us

Based in Pune, the Oxford of the East. We are a bunch of mixed bag of professionals, academics and students for various backgrounds and trades. We together understand what makes your business unique. Helping you to make the best out of the available resources while taking things further in a sustainable way. We believe that in order to build a better future there is a need to strengthen small or local businesses. Not just from an economic point of view but environmental and social point of view as well. We help you build a better future. Empowering businesses to make the world a cleaner, greener, less meaner and sustainable.

The Online Flea?

We've been working with small businesses for a while.  On the declaration of the pandemic all events, festivals and fleas scheduled for the next three months stood cancelled. After almost two months of nationwide lockdown these restrictions regarding gatherings seem to be indefinite, putting all these dependent businesses in a limbo. The various brands and businesses participating in The Online Flea are operate from their homes and employ artisans or craftsmen. These have somehow found their niche  in form of Arts festivals where people look for more than price and discounts. The lock-down means a lot more to these businesses. Out of these some are part time businesses while most are full time businesses. There are large number of brands that make their products on their own. Handcrafted stuff from jewelry, clothing to bags, you'll find everything that might interest you. While big businesses will see relief from  the government in form of tax and duty relief, these are the ones that suffer the most with no possible helping hand in sight.

The lock-down is being lifted in phases across the country. But the last thing to be permitted will be events and gatherings where thousands of people if not lakhs mingle. This would be a disaster in waiting. While looking at things positively, we also need to be critical in order to find new avenues. The Online Flea is a place for these small businesses to work from their homes with minimal equipment and technology to reach out to the world out there.  Currently we are working with a few partnering businesses and event hosts. We are preparing to simplify the process & add more to the platform. If you wish to join us, please send us a mail on the email mentioned at the bottom of the page. Let's build a better future meanwhile. 

The Online Flea
The Online Flea
13 May 2020, 7:00 pm
Supporting Flea Markets In Times Of Social Distancing.

Meet The Team

Pratik Hatte

I am an engineer and a marketeer. I like to explore to world around, while I am not sleeping.

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Sushmita Hatte

I am a designer and  help make your life better and not just pretty in ways you won't even realise.

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Siddhesh Vaze

Design is my life. Figuring the rest while designing the craziest concepts and products.

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Indrajeet Ghadge

I cook and sing. Not in the same order always, sometimes both simultaneously.

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Our Registered Partners

+adding more as we go


What Partners Say

"Very Professional"

"All procedures are very simple to follow and are well addressed. the quick registration process and adding our products to the flea was a new experience"

Jyoti Savant

"Safe Distancing"

“As most fleas are cancelled and all gatherings are put on hold for quite some time, this platform gives us flea marketeers to virtually interact with new customers with social distancing in mind”

Sunita Hatte

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